Sales Trading

We are the reference counterparty for Institutional investors in Belgium and Dutch stocks.

Thanks to our network with local and international investors, our sales team plays an important role in primary and secondary ECM transactions.

Thanks a lot for the continuous follow-up and daily clear communication over the last 4 months.

Corporate Client, Belgium

To investors

The KBC Securities Sales Trading desk is the reference counterparty for institutional investors for trading Belgian and Dutch stocks. We also offer extensive expertise and advice in the bloc trading for Belgian illiquid stocks.
Thanks to the access to a network of international and local investors, the sales trading team also plays an important role in primary and secondary ECM transactions.
As a recognition of the leading position on Euronext Brussels KBC Securities was awarded “Cash Market Belgian Brokerage House of the Year 2019”.

Thank you for the great execution. Is absolutely amazing, thank you for all the hard work!!!

Venture Capital, Client

To corporates

Our team has a proven track record with regards to Share Buybacks – over the course of 2018 and 2019 we executed share buyback mandates for 5 BEL 20 companies and a number of other Belgian small and midcaps. We are also an important partner for companies’ warrant plans.

Great broker in the region and very often surprise with unexpected liquidity in hard to trade names

Institutional Client, UK