Equity Market Making

Equity market making, liquidity providing and client facilitation in Benelux small and midcaps.

We have been awarded for our excellent market making and liquidity providing services for small and midcaps in Belgium.

KBC Securities is active as market maker and liquidity provider on Euronext for Belgian and Dutch small and midcap companies. Furthermore we also provide liquidity to our professional and retail clients in the form of block trades. Our team has many years of experience in trading Benelux small and midcaps.

In January 2023 we were selected by Euronext as liquidity provider of the year and this for the fifth year in a row!

Who we serve

We serve different clients, ranging from retail clients and institutional clients (indirectly by providing liquidity in the market and providing block trades for our sales trading team) to listed companies (directly via liquidity providing contracts on Euronext).

What we do

We provide liquidity in the market via market making agreements with Euronext, liquidity providing contracts with listed companies and block trades for our retail and institutional clients. We have a trading book with 50 to 100 different small and midcaps in order to provide liquidity.