Rudi Severijns

Investment director

Phone: +3224485279

Rudi is a proven business and investment professional with 30+ years of experience, starting in Applied Research at Philips and moving on to operational/corporate roles within Siemens (R&D, product and project management, marketing & sales, general management), traveling and working throughout the US, Europe and Asia. At Siemens he also initiated a new technology business as an intrapreneur and succeeded in launching their solutions in the US, Europe and Asia. The last 19 years he has been active as a high-tech VC (GIMV, Capital-E and most recently AAAF) in Europe, having invested in more than 20 start-ups and scale-ups (of which a considerable number have been successfully exited). He also brings to the Focus Fund an extensive experience as a non-executive director in various countries as well as a wide network of contacts to corporates, entrepreneurs and VC’s.