Wormsensing raises €3,5 million, a CEA-Leti spin-off, who produce and commercialize affordable, high-performance, and highly integrable vibration sensors for any type of equipment or touch surface.

Wormsensing was created in 2020 by Jean-Sebastien Moulet and Lamine Benaissa, 2 highly-experienced engineers in the field of semiconductors. The company quickly hired a team of experts to develop vibration sensors with very high sensibility rates (improved by a factor 1000x), zero energy consumption and a remarkable capacity to integrate in all types of media and environments.

This unique offer will not only facilitate and multiply the use of vibration measurement, currently confined to a population of informed experts, but also widen the scope of use to applications for which cost, integrability and performance sensors have so far been a brake on its development.

This innovating technology is aimed at different market segments and concerns all industries: aerospace, automotive, transport, energy, manufacturing, robotics and even health. In the test and measurement market, the specific features of Wormsensing sensors will enable their users to speed up their product design phases, reduce their operating losses and also improve their quality control and predictive maintenance. These benefits result, on the one hand, from the ease of deployment of Wormsensing sensors which reduces instrumentation time, and on the other hand, from their ability to detect signs of failure much earlier and resolved.

The company also aims to develop in other promising markets in search of solutions, such as that of physiological measurement (control of the heart rate for example in different contexts) or the universe of human-machine interfaces (tactile or acoustic) .

This fundraising is realized after two years of successful tests which have made it possible to validate the technological innovation and to offer a first sensor to the market. It should allow the young company to accelerate its industrial and commercial development. Wormsensing intends in particular to finance its first factory and the start-up of its production line in France.

‘’The vibration measurement market hasn’t evolved for 70 years, especially when it comes to sensors. The prototypes we developed demonstrated their efficiency and our clients already expressed their need for bigger volume. We are thrilled to settle this new plant in France, as it will enable us to produce up to 2 million sensors per year’’. Says Jean-Sebastien Moulet, CEO & Co-founder of Wormsensing.

KBC Securities acted as co-lead investors in this fundraising and we are looking forward to work together with this experienced and enthusiastic team alongside with co-investors INNOVACOM and CEA Investissement.

“With the KBC Focus Fund we have the ambition to boost the sector of nanotechnology, microelectronics and IoT. We mainly focus on Belgium and surrounding countries in which we can find the top expertise centers in this technological area. Wormsensing is prone to disrupt the vibration sensing market with its portfolio of highly customizable paper-thin flexible sensors. Uniquely combining proprietary high quality active elements with low-cost flexible electronics, Wormsensing sensors can be integrated into any device or touch surface, opening up entirely new applications for customers. The use of patented nanotechnology to solve pressing pain points across many industries makes Wormsensing an excellent fit with our KBC Focus Fund investment approach. We are happy to be a co-lead investor in this company. It is also our first investment in France”. Nuno Carvalho, investment director of KBC Focus Fund.