Syndicated Loans

A ‘syndicated loan’ or ‘club deal’ is a loan made by 2 or more lending institutions on similar terms and conditions on the basis of common credit documentation and administered by a facility agent.

KBC acts as arranging, underwriting or coordinating bank including the negotiation, documentation and distribution of the loan to existing or new lenders.


  •      - Raise significant amounts of committed long term funding or short term bridge
           funding for M&A-purposes
  •      - Flexible financing structure which can be tailormade
  •      - Standardisation across lenders of borrowing terms and conditions including
           financial covenants
  •      - Means of introducing new banks and diversification of funding
  •      - Eases loan administration process through the agent as one single point of contact
           with the lenders’ group

KBC arranges loans across a wide spectrum of products such as corporate loans, acquisition finance, leveraged buyouts, project finance and real estate.

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Countries offering this service

  • Belgium
  • Hungary