Our retail services in Belgium build off our global securities network to deliver an extensive range of investment services for self-directed investors.

Our services include the state-of-the-art investment platform Bolero, designed to allow our clients to manage their stock exchange investments through a host of tools, including optimised order execution and portfolio management.

Bolero gives online access to more than 20 markets and the possibility to trade all exchange-rated securities, including stocks, bonds, options, turbos (leveraged certificates) and speeders, with order execution from €7,5 per trade onwards.

Offline, our clients can also contact our brokers on the phone for market information. Real-time order execution and securities safekeeping are also available.

Our clients are kept fully up to date with market information through KBC Securities research, which includes company notes and flashes on 120 stocks. We also publish high quality quote information and news from the Belgian News Agency TijdNieuwslijn and Reuters.

Additionally, we host company visits, a series of investment courses and networking events to keep our clients connected and fully abreast of investment trends.

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