We really want you to always get the most from using our websites and (web) applications (= apps). That's why we like to tailor their content to better fit your needs and preferences. We use various techniques for this, including cookies, pixels, software development kits, local storage and similar technologies (collectively referred to below as 'cookies').
This cookie policy explains what cookies are, which ones we use, how you can change your cookie preferences and how we protect your privacy.
In the detailed list of our cookies, you'll find an overview of all the cookies we can place, grouped by category. We also state you why we use these cookies and how long we store them. You yourself decide which cookies KBC may use for you. You can change your choice at any time.
Whenever we refer to KBC in this document, we mean KBC Securities NV as listed in section 5 below.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that are sent to your browser when you visit a website or use an app and that are stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet. These files are read in every time you visit this website or use the app. They contain information like your preferred language for viewing a website, so you don't need to switch languages every time you visit it.
KBC also uses other techniques such as pixels, SDKs and other technologies for its digital solutions. They have the same function as cookies: they ensure that your preferences can be stored and read in.

The cookies we sometimes use are:

  • Temporary (or session) cookies which are deleted when you close the browser or app
  • Permanent (or persistent) cookies that remain until they expire or you delete them (persistent cookies let us remember you when you come back to visit us, so you don't have to log in again every time)
  • First-party cookies used by one of our domains
  • Third-party cookies placed by other domains outside our organisation

See our detailed cookie list for more details.

2. What cookies does KBC use and why?

KBC distinguishes between two types of cookies:

Cookies needed for the app to work
These cookies make mobile banking with us secure and ensure that our digital services work correctly. These cookies are necessary, for example, to verify your identity when you log in, to establish the communication between you and our digital solutions, and to store your cookie settings.
You can't reject these cookies, as our digital services won't work without them. Your consent is not required for these cookies.

Analysis/performance cookies
These cookies collect information to gain insight in visitor numbers and on how all our visitors use our digital solutions. They allow KBC to improve the content of our digital channels, to better align the digital channels to the needs of the users and increase the overall ease of use.
They tell us things like how many people use our digital services and for how long.

3. How do you choose the cookies that we place?

We give you as much control as we can. Please note that if you reject cookies, some parts of our digital services will be less tailored to your needs and preferences.
If you want to use a feature of our apps that requires consent for a specific cookie, KBC will guide you in changing your cookie settings, if you wish.
The various options are given below.

If you're visiting one of our websites for the first time, you can accept or reject cookies. If you wish to change this later, click 'Change cookie preference' at the bottom of the website.

You can disable cookies in your browser settings. Adjusting these settings varies according to the type of browser. Check the help feature of your browser or its user guide: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Certain browsers let you opt not to be tracked by websites (‘Do Not track’). We only consider our own cookie mechanisms and do not support ‘Do Not Track’.

4. What about your privacy?

In any cooperation with third parties, KBC has entered into clear agreements with these third parties to safeguard your privacy.
When we collect personal data through cookies, we always do so in accordance with our privacy statement, which we recommend reading. In it, you can read that we use data from cookies, for instance, to fit our services as fully as possible to your needs and preferences. That's why we add personal data collected using cookies to information we already have on you. Conversely, we add a limited set of data (including the type of customer you are, your age group and your gender) from our systems to tailor our digital services to you. KBC only does so if you consent to the use of those cookies.
If you have accepted cookies for our digital services, but change your mind later, we'll stop storing new data from the moment you reject cookies. If you change your cookie preference at a later time and give consent for their use again, we’ll add the new data to the previous data.

5. What companies does this cookie policy apply to and how can I get answers to questions and share feedback?

This cookie policy applies to www.kbcsecurities.com, owned by KBC Securities NV as mentioned below. The data controller of personal data depends on the digital service that you access or use. When you access a third-party website through our digital services, their cookie policy applies.

Contact our support services to get more help with questions and share feedback. For complaints about exercising your rights, contact our Complaints Management by e-mail. If our Complaints Handlings Officer can't answer your question, contact our Data Protection Officer.

KBC Securities NV – Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, Belgium – VAT BE 0437.060.521
Complaints Management: complaints@kbcsecurities.be
Data Protection Officer: KBC Securities, Data Protection Officer, Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels or compliancegroup@kbcsecurities.be

If you do not agree with the reply to your complaint, you can contact the Belgian ombudsman service for financial conflicts through:
Ombudsfin vzw, North Gate II, Albert II-laan 8 bus 2, 1000 Brussels, by fax on + 32 2 545 77 79 or by e-mail at ombudsman@ombfin.be

The procedure with this independent ombudsman is free of charge and is described on the website www.ombudsfin.be. You can also opt to take your complaint to the competent court of law, though court proceedings of this type may cost you money.

Should your complaint be related to GDPR or your (data) privacy, you can contact the Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit (GBA) through:
Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit, Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel, by fax on + 32 2 274 48 35, by phone on +32 2 274 48 00 or by e-mail at contact@apd-gba.be

6. Conclusion

KBC may change this cookie policy at any time going forward. Only the most recent version applies. KBC also inform you when there are important changes and will ask for your consent if necessary.

Last updated on 12 December 2023