KBC Focus Fund

The VC fund of KBC for start- and scale-ups in nanotechnology, microelectronics and Internet of Things.

Are you a start-up of the Start It @ KBC incubator, or a company that focuses on nanotechnology, microelectronics or IoT that is looking for funding? 

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Who we are

With the KBC Focus Fund we have the ambition to boost the sector of nanotechnology, microelectronics and IoT. We mainly focus on Belgium and surrounding countries in which we can find the top expertise centers in this technological area.

KBC is also invested in university spin-off funds such as Gemma Frisius Fund and Qbic, as well as in Imec.xpand. This allows us to have great insights in dealflow and potential new ventures.

KBC Securities manages the KBC Focus Fund. As part of KBC Group, we aim to be partners for entrepreneurs. KBC Securities has deep and solid knowledge of the tech ecosystem in Belgium and beyond. We can support start-ups from idea to IPO with dedicated teams of experts at our M&A, Corporate Finance and Research & Sales departments.

So whether the start-or scale-up needs technical expertise or business introductions, there will always be somebody within the KBC Group network that fits the profile.

Who we serve

Our investment focus

Are you a company that focuses on nanotechnology, microelectronics or Internet of Things, or a start-up of the Start It @ KBC incubator? We can help you!

Get in touch with one of our Investment Directors for more information.

What we do

Our investment criteria

  • We can invest up to EUR 5 million over the lifecycle of a company. Our investment sweet spot lies between EUR 0.5 million and EUR 2.5 million in a first round. We can be lead or co-investor.
  • Within KBC, we aim to be partners for entrepreneurs from idea to IPO.
  • We do not exclude companies with an important hardware component.
    As most investors we look for scaleable companies with excellent teams.

Added value

Our approach

We put the network of the entire KBC Group at your disposal. You get access to major expertise and experience in funding and business. We try to be a hand-by investor rather than a hands-on investor. We assist our companies when needed.

Being part of KBC group means that we have an extended network and expertise during all stages in the growth cycle of your company...from idea till IPO.